Try All of Our Kefir Products in Single Package. 

Our Products are Dairy-Free, Organic, Vegan and Delicious!

What Do I Get? - You get 3 bottles of our delicious water kefir drinks and 1 small container of our coconut kefir yogurt! They are healthy, high in probiotics and are great for promoting optimal gut health and immunity. Our water-kefir have 10.5 Billion CFU/ml and our coconut kefir yogurt has 1 Trillion CFU/ml. 

The water kefir drinks come in Peach, Guava, and Cherry flavour!

Ingredients? - Filtered Drinking Water, Organic Cane Sugar, Water Kefir Cultures and the specific flavouring for each drink. 

Peach Natural Concentrated Peach
Cherry - Natural Concentrated Tart Cherry
Guava Guava Purée 

Coconut Kefir: Coconut Milk Extract, Filtered Drinking Water, Live Kefir Grains.

What About Shipping? - If you live in the Greater Toronto Area, there is a $7.50 fee. If you live outside of GTA, we will ship it through our shipping partner on ice with a $10 fee. These shipping cost covers the material used to keep your kefir cold and fresh! 





KefirKult Coconut Kefir - Dairy Free
KEFIRKULT Water-Kefir Drink. Guava Kefir.

Still Not Convinced? Read This.

Regular consumption of Kefir has been associated with
  • improved digestion and tolerance to lactose
  • antibacterial effect
  • hypocholesterolaemic effect
  • control of plasma glucose
  • anti-hypertensive effect
  • anti-inflammatory effect
  • antioxidant activity
  • anti-allergenic activity
... and the list keeps on going
coconut kefir yogurt. KEFIRKULT

How Do I Drink The Kefir? Well ... Let Us Explain ...!

Our product is the real deal when it comes to kefir. It's so real that the longer you leave it in the fridge, the more fermented it gets, and the more thicker it gets.

There are a few ways to drink kefir:
  • Drink it straight up before a meal.
  • Mix it with fruits - Blueberry is our favourite!
  • Include it into your smoothie or cold-press juice.
  • Have it with your cereal!
The possibilities are endless! Just make sure you do one thing before you start - Stir it!
KEFIRKULT Guava Water Kefir Nutrition Facts
KEFIRKULT Cherry Water Kefir Nutrition Facts
KEFIRKULT Peach Water Kefir Nutrition Facts
KEFIRKULT Coconut Kefir Yogurt Nutrition Facts

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