Straining Water Kefir & Secondary Fermentation

Step 3A - Separating the water kefir from the kefir grains
  • Set a plastic or a nylon strainer over a jar or a bowl (make sure the bowl volume is the same or larger)
  • Carefully pour out the water kefir grains onto the nylon strainer
  • Put the grains into a bowl for the time being as you decide what you want to do next.

If you want to ferment the water kefir grains again, follow these steps:
1) Pour your water kefir grains into the same jar or another jar (does not have to be washed) and go to the sugar and water kefir grain ratio section (click here).
Your 1st Ever Batch
(This is for people making water kefir for the 1st time)
Occasionally, the first batch or two will have an off odor. Although generally safe, you may want to discard the first few batches of water kefir since the water kefir grains may need some time to assimilate to its new environment.

If your finished water kefir has a strong 'nail polish' odor, do not drink the water kefir, re-ferment the kefir grains, and contact us immediately.
Secondary Fermentation
(refer to Step 3B)
To avoid harming the grains, a majority of flavouring is done in the "secondary fermentation". This is after the grains have been taken out and you are bottling. You can add whatever flavours you want at this point, without any worries as to harming your grains.

If you want good carbonation, invest in a swing top bottle (withstand pressure, so you're less likely to be dealing with an explosion). You can also just stick it in the fridge, the flavour will slowly infuse the liquid, even when cold. There are limitless combinations you can try with this!
Step 3B - Secondary Fermentation

At this point, you can add fruits into the water kefir (without the grains). We will provide a list of recommended fruits to add to the water kefir.

We prefer to add optional items at this stage as it will prevent any other contaminants being introduced into the water kefir which in turn can kill the entire batch of grains.

  • Grab a mason jar with a wide mouth and pour the water kefir into it (without the water kefir grains)
  • If you want to add additional items into it, this is the part that we recommend you to do it at.
  • Put a lid and tighten it and place the jar into the fridge
  • Leave it there for 1 day but periodically opening the lid to release the pressure
Water kefir taste best within 48 hours of being chilled, and begins to diminish in flavour past a week (continues to convert to a more acidic, higher alcohol beverage)
Step 3C - Flavour and Taste
We recommend that our customers taste the sugar water before adding the water kefir grains so then you can get a reference point of whether or not if the water kefir grains are working.

Flavour & Taste
  • Water kefir is milder than kombucha, but it should still have a noticeable flavour change - like a weak apple cider.
  • Carbonation is usually very subtle but will increase when it is bottled