Equipment & Utensils

Make sure you wash your hands, cut your nails (or scoop out any dirt under the nails) and that all equipment is washed and dried off before using. Clean your countertop and make sure you don't cross-contaminate your equipment. This will prevent any foreign micro-organism being introduced into the water kefir jar.
  • Two glass jars that can hold a quart (4 cups) or greater
  • Wood or plastic spoon/spatula
  • Nylon Strainer / Plastic Strainer
  • A cloth or a paper towel to cover the jar
  • Measuring Cup / Spoons
What type of water should I use?
We recommend our customers to boil water the night before so you can let it cool down to room temperature. After that you can store the excess water in jugs or glass jars and refrigerate them for later use.

It is extremely important that you DO NOT USE:
- Tap Water
- Brita Filtered Water
- Distilled/Reverse Osmosis Water
- Bottled Water that has been ozonated

  • Tap Water: Depending on where you live, you should check your city website water treatment plant to see what type of methods they use to treat the city's water system. For example, chlorine is added to the incoming water from the great lakes. If the water kefir grains are exposed to chlorine long enough, it will kill them.
  • Brita Filtered Water: This type of water is low in minerals and can cause a stressful environment for the water kefir grains; resulting in poor growth rate and even death.
  • Distilled/Reverse Osmosis Water: This water can inhibit the grains from metabolizing the sugars and thus creating an extremely poor environment for the water kefir grain to grow. Long-term effect on the water kefir grain is death.

What if Filtered Water is the only source of water that I have?
If filtered water is your only source of water, additional minerals may be necessary (filtered water removes about 94% of the natural calcium present in water. More about adding minerals below in the guide).
Boiling Water
This is one of the best method to use for picking which type of water to use. By boiling the water, it will eliminate majority of the chemicals that resides within the tap water. 
Santevia Water
Santevia Alkaline 5-Stage Water System, which purifies the tap water and provides high mineral content (eg. calcium and magnesium) for the water kefir grains. 

We currently do not sell this water since we do not know if there is enough interest. If you are interested in purchasing this type of water please contact us at

Choosing What Type of Sugar

These are the two main sugar that we use at Kefir Kultures to grow our water kefir grains. There are many other suggestions and recommendations that you may read on the internet, but we recommend all of our customers to follow our processes as we have tested them countless of times.
Granulated White Sugar / Organic Cane Sugar
Granulated White Sugar does not provide any minerals to the water kefir grains. Organic cane sugar has a tiny bit of minerals, but not enough to get them going. Therefore, if you only have access to these type of sugar we recommend to add minerals (such as: a pinch of salt).
Whole Cane / Rapadura / Sucanat
Whole Cane, Rapadura and Sucanat sugar can be known as dark mineral rich sugar. These type of sugar have minerals that the water kefir grains thrive on. 
Sugar Water
It is recommended to prepare the sugar water ahead of time. However, if you do not want to nor have the time, these instruction will reappear in the guide.

(50% of white sugar / 50% of dark sugar)
  • Acquire a glass mason jar or a container that is greater than 1L
  • Pour 4 tablespoon of white sugar (approximately 60g) and 2 tablespoon of dark sugar (approximately 30g) into the jar
  • Dissolve the sugar with 2 cups of warm water and stir
  • Pour 2 cups of cooled water (that has been previously boiled) into the remaining jar
  • Store in the fridge until needed
Add White and Dark Sugar
2 tablespoon of granulated white sugar 
2 tablespoon of sucanat cane sugar
Boil Hot Water and Dissolve
Add 2 cups of hot water to dissolve the sugar
Add 2 cups of chilled boiled water

Store Sugar Water or Ferment!
You can store the sugar water in the fridge or ferment the live water kefir grain right away!

**Make sure that the sugar water is NOT HOT!**
**This will kill the water kefir grains**
Dissolving the Sugar
1) After adding the white and dark sugar pour 2 cup of hot water into the mason jar.
**CAUTION - Be extra careful as there may be a chance of the glass breaking**

2) Stir the jar around to dissolve the sugar.

3) Fill the remaining amount with 2 cup of room temperature or cold water.

4) Store the sugar water in the fridge.
**If you want to ferment your live water kefir grain you must make sure the sugar water is NOT hot - or else it will kill the grains**