Water Kefir Guide


Kefir contains very large amounts of good bacteria and yeast as well as being acidic. For some individuals, we recommend drinking water kefir or milk kefir in small dosage so your body can assimilate to it. Everyone reacts differently with kefir, and the majority of people do not have any adverse reaction. However, if you do, it is just a matter of starting out slow and slowly increasing the dosage over time.  Our recommendation is to eat beforehand and to start off with a tablespoon and increase from there. 

Step-to-Step Guide in Water Kefir

Step 1: Straining  and preparing sugar water

Step 2: Fermenting your water kefir grain & what to expect

Step 3: Straining your fermented water kefir grain & secondary fermentation

Step 4: Repeating the process and how to store your finished water kefir grains